Source code for teensy_minimal_rpc.__init__

from collections import OrderedDict

from path_helpers import path
    from .config import Config, State
except (ImportError, TypeError):
from .proxy import Proxy, I2cProxy, SerialProxy

[docs]def conda_prefix(): ''' Returns ------- path_helpers.path Path to Conda environment prefix corresponding to running Python executable. Return ``None`` if not running in a Conda environment. ''' if any(['continuum analytics, inc.' in sys.version.lower(), 'conda' in sys.version.lower()]): # Assume running under Conda. if 'CONDA_PREFIX' in os.environ: conda_prefix = ph.path(os.environ['CONDA_PREFIX']) else: # Infer Conda prefix as parent directory of Python executable. conda_prefix = ph.path(sys.executable).parent.realpath() else: # Assume running under Conda. conda_prefix = None return conda_prefix
[docs]def conda_arduino_include_path(): if platform.system() in ('Linux', 'Darwin'): return conda_prefix().joinpath('include', 'Arduino') elif platform.system() == 'Windows': return conda_prefix().joinpath('Library', 'include', 'Arduino') raise 'Unsupported platform: %s' % platform.system()
[docs]def package_path(): return path(__file__).realpath().parent
[docs]def get_sketch_directory(): ''' Return directory containing the Arduino sketch. ''' return package_path().joinpath('..', 'src')
[docs]def get_lib_directory(): return package_path().joinpath('..', 'lib')
[docs]def get_includes(): ''' Return directories containing the Arduino header files. Notes ===== For example: import arduino_rpc ... print ' '.join(['-I%s' % i for i in arduino_rpc.get_includes()]) ... ''' return list(conda_arduino_include_path().walkdirs('src'))
[docs]def get_sources(): ''' Return Arduino source file paths. This includes any supplementary source files that are not contained in Arduino libraries. ''' import base_node_rpc return (get_sketch_directory().files('*.c*') + list(get_lib_directory().walkfiles('*.c*')) + base_node_rpc.get_sources())
[docs]def get_firmwares(): ''' Return compiled Arduino hex file paths. This function may be used to locate firmware binaries that are available for flashing to [Arduino][1] boards. [1]: ''' return OrderedDict([(, [f.abspath() for f in board_dir.walkfiles('*.hex')]) for board_dir in package_path().joinpath('firmware').dirs()])